The 360 Plan has served as the guiding plan for Downtown since 2011. Authored as a public-private partnership between Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI), the City of Dallas, private interests and the community, it has established a collective vision and implementation strategy for Downtown:

Downtown Dallas is a complete urban center composed of distinct yet interconnected districts linked by an accessible transit network, each offering a unique and diverse combination of places to live, refreshing open spaces, bustling street activity, successful business and retail, and dynamic urban experiences for residents, workers, and visitors alike

The plan was created as a dynamic document, setting priorities and outlining tactics while establishing a process by which planning remains nimble and responsive to progress. Out of 67 action items in the 2011 plan, a majority of the boxes have been checked as complete.

Furthermore, significant developments have advanced that will have overlapping radii of impact in and around Downtown, emphasizing the need for coordination, connection, and an affirmation of what we want our urban core to become. Therefore, in June 2015, DDI and the City of Dallas, along with our partners and the greater community, launched the process of evolving The 360 Plan into strategies relevant to today through the next five years.


Downtown Dallas 360 will kick off in June 2015. Phase one will continue through October 2015, at which point technical work will be further scoped to commence by the end of the year. The full plan is projected to be complete by June 2016.

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Looking for documents and other collateral from the most recent Downtown Dallas 360 meetings? See below for a collection of materials to learn more about the future of Downtown.

Chapter 6: Implementation